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Universal Audio’s UAD-1 and the Apple G5.

Q: “Will the UAD-1 work on G5 systems?”

A: Yes, the UAD1 will work on G5’s, however there are some issues that you and your customers should be aware of. The following information is posted publicly at
(The same post also includes more details and tips for G5s and the UAD1.)

  • For improved performance when using a PCI-based audio I/O interface, install the UAD-1 and audio card on separate PCI busses. Slots 2 and 3 are on one bus, and slot 4 (furthest from AGP slot) is on a different bus. The 1.6GHz model has only one bus.
  • At high UAD-1 DSP loads, inserting an additional UAD-1 plug-in can cause a very high host CPU load and/or audio dropouts. The point at which this occurs can vary depending on the total number of UAD-1 plug-ins that are running. Additionally, some audio I/O interfaces may not allow UAD-1 CPU loads as high as those when using only built-in audio.
  • FireWire and USB audio interfaces may not perform as well as PCI-based audio interfaces. High host loads and/or low UAD-1 DSP loads may result.
  • This is particularly true on G5 systems with more than one UAD-1 card installed. Performance may actually improve if you disable all but one installed card in the UAD-1 Meter System Information window. Multi-card issues may also affect PCI and built-in audio (to a lesser degree than FireWire and USB)

Universal Audio is actively working on resolving multi-card issues on G5 systems.

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