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When traveling across the land with wireless systems…

Q: “I know that wireless microphones use the same frequencies as television stations, but where can I find out what stations are in my city?”

A: This information comes to us courtesy of our friends at Shure: Wireless microphones do use some of the same frequencies as broadcast television stations. For instance, in Chicago, they have television channels 7, 9, and 11 on air. So, you cannot use wireless microphones on those frequencies. Thus, in Chicago you would want to use wireless microphones on television channels 8, 10, and 12. This would avoid the active TV channels.

The hard part is knowing which television channels are active in your area. This becomes even harder due to the new DTV stations coming online in the U.S. There are many DTV stations scheduled to come online within the next few years that have not yet begun broadcasting. Obviously, when choosing frequencies we want to avoid existing TV channels and future scheduled TV channels.

Every city is going to have a different set of occupied TV stations. If you will be traveling to multiple cities, make certain your frequencies are valid in every city you will be in. It may be necessary for you to get a frequency agile wireless system.

Shure has a helpful site (click on the following URL) that will assist you in your search for stations that exist in various cities.


More and more users are opting for systems that can automatically scan for stations within their range and set themselves up accordingly to minimize interference potential. Most of the major brands have such systems. Contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for details.

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