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Tracking a Full Band Using an 8-input System Part 4

Grouping faders is a handy tool that is commonly overlooked during mixdown. By grouping faders, you can make fader moves and have them affect numerous faders simultaneously. Before you group faders it is a good idea to establish a balance between the faders that are to be grouped. For example, when grouping hard-panned rhythm guitars make sure that the left and right sides are of similar volumes. Once you have a balance between the faders that are to be grouped, select the tracks you want included in the group by clicking the name of one of the tracks and holding Shift while clicking the name(s) of the other tracks for the group. When working with grouped tracks the affected tracks any automation, soloing, or muting will be done to all grouped tracks, as well as any edits to the waveforms. This provides an easy method to get the same moves done on numerous tracks simultaneously, cutting down on the time needed for mixing. If you need to make a move or adjust the volume and don’t want all grouped tracks to be affected, simply click the group icon and things should operate as normal until you click the group icon again.

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