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Q: My VOX ToneLab doesn’t sound right… is there a problem?

I’m using a Vox ToneLab SE with a Fender Strat running straight into a Yamaha O1V96 mixer and then into the PC via an RME Hammerfall card.

A: If your cables check out okay, then barring any problems with the equipment itself, the problem could be as simple as making sure that the output of the ToneLab is set to line out as opposed to amp out. Since you’re going direct to the mixer, press the GLOBAL switch to access the OUT SEL menu and use value knob 6 or the up-down buttons to select “Ln” (line). The “Ap” (amp) setting is for connecting to a guitar amp. On the ToneLab desktop version, a switch on the back panel selects between Line and Amp. When using the ToneLabSE for direct line level recording, connect the OUTPUT L/MONO and R jacks to the line-in jacks of your mixer. On the O1V96, inputs 13 through 16 accept balanced/unbalanced line-level signals singly or in pairs for stereo input. Back to the ToneLabSE, if you’re using a mono connection, use the OUTPUT L/MONO jack only. If you’re using a stereo connection, pan the input channels of the mixer recorder to the far left and right respectively.

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