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Tiny Mic, Large Sound – Shure Beta 181

In the ever-changing world of microphones, Shure, one of the giants of all time, has released a new condenser mic in their Beta series, the Beta 181. This mic is set apart by its swappable capsule design and diminutive size.

The Beta 181 stands less than 5″ tall (with capsule), and the side-address capsule is less than 1.5″ square. This mic is tiny, making it perfect for miking in small spaces. One of the more difficult instruments to mic can be the snare in a drum kit. The Beta 181 makes it easier than ever to get that perfect placement, without trying to shoehorn the body of a larger mic into a tight space – and it stays out of the drummer’s way. Being a side-address mic, it will work better in tight situations than most pencil mics. The cardioid capsule offers great off-axis rejection to isolate your source. The Shure Beta 181 excels in high SPL situations, as it has a maximum SPL rating of 151.5dB. So don’t be afraid to use this mic anywhere.

There are four capsules available for the Shure Beta 181: cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and supercardioid. No matter what your need, the 181 is ready. Each capsule has a 6-pin plug that plugs straight into the mic. A threaded insert securely locks down the capsule to the body of the mic. In typical Shure fashion, the Beta 181 is a solid, well-built, ultra-compact microphone that’s ready to take on your biggest projects for years to come.

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