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In MIDI sequencing, a tick is a division of time. The timing resolution of a MIDI sequencer (and MIDI itself) is sometimes measured in PPQN (Pulses Per Quarter Note). For example, a particular software sequencer may be set to have a timing resolution of 480 PPQN, which means there are 480 subdivisions of time, or pulses, per each quarter note. Each of these pulses is commonly referred to as a tick. So, in the sequencer mentioned above, moving a note forward or backward in time by one tick means you have moved it by 1/480th of a quarter note. 240 ticks would make up an eighth note in this example. In most cases the tick is the smallest division of time accessible to the user, and in some cases the resolution available inside the sequencer is greater than its output capabilities, though this is greatly dependant on other elements in a system.

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