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Three New UAD Plug-ins & v7.6 Software

Universal Audio has announced UAD Software version 7.6, as well as three new plug-ins for UAD. The new plug-ins include Chandler Limited GAV19T, a faithful recreation of Chandler’s EL84 powered boutique tube guitar amp. In addition to providing the classic sounds inspired by Watkins and Selmer amps, the plug-in offers extras such as a built-in effects rack with noise gate, synchable lo-fi delay, Power Sak, and pre/post switchable EQ filter controls. With 75 different recording chains included, there’s a tone for every application, or create your own sounds!

Two additional new plug-ins come from Brainworx; the bx_saturator V2, a powerful multi-band mid/side processor that allows saturation and distortion to be applied to specific frequency bands as well as volume boost without clipping, and bx_refinement, a plug-in that can help mix and mastering engineers apply a tubelike smoothing to harsh tracks, with subtle enhancement from saturation and presence control.

In addition to demos for these three plug-ins, UAD Software version 7.6 includes UAD-2 and Apollo driver improvements for the Mac.

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