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Termination and Apogee’s new Big Ben.

Q: “How do the termination lights on the front of the Big Ben work?”

A: The idea here is that often in an elaborate audio chain word clock signals are improperly terminated – this happens all the time in studios of every size. Apogee’s Big Ben will chime in with a visual indication of over or under termination on it’s digital display for each word clock output. If none of the LEDs light up, then the word clock is under-terminated. This could be caused by a bad cable or the fact that the word clock input to which Big Ben is connected to is not terminated – or incorrectly terminated. If the RED LED lights, the word clock is over-terminated. This could also be caused by bad cables (check your cables first!), Big Ben’s word clock output is connected to two terminated devices, or the device is incorrectly terminated. What you’re hoping for is a GREEN LED which indicates that all is fine for that word clock output.

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