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June 2017 Giveaway

Take the Revolutionary Step to Wireless.

The Samson Airline Wireless System took a revolutionary step in wireless technology, completely eliminating the cumbersome body packs. The AM1 MicroLav System is the perfect companion for your digital video needs – pick up your talent without wires or hardware in the picture. You can look and sound great; give us a call.

Emu has changed the price for upgrades to Planet Phatt and XL-1 modules.This pertains to the upgrade they do at the factory to add more polyphony, more outputs and more ROM slots. It is now $429, and they pay return shipping. To get yours just call Emu (831-438-1921) and ask for sales or visit emu.com. They will arrange the details with you directly.

Today’s WFTD marks our 900th entry into the Word for the Day archives. There are actually more than 900, but we’re not counting entries that say, “See (some other word).” Wish we had time to throw a party. Oh well, back to work.

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