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Synthogy’s New Upright Citizens

Our very good friends over at Synthogy are in the news yet again, this time with the introduction of their new Ivory Upright Pianos. Not content with merely giving us one or two playable uprights, the samplemasters at Synthogy are equipping their latest virtual instruments with no less than four! These were the best out of the hundreds they could have chosen, giving us what we’ve come to expect from the company: Perfection! To capture that, be sure you have a hard drive with 50GB of room for the more than 5,000 samples included!

First up there’s the top-of-the-upright-line Yamaha U5, which is their best representation of a modern upright piano. For that “vintage” vibe, the decision was made to go with a wonderfully resonant 1914 A.M. Hume, a name which few of today’s pianists will recognize, but which old-timers may recall as a prime example of a “golden age” upright. Naturally, you’ll need a good “honky tonk” piano, and for that role a 1915 Packard was selected over all the other contenders. Last up, everyone eventually needs the sound of a true early 1900s “Tack Piano” – one with real metal tacks stuck in lacquered hammers. Nothing says turn of the century better than a tack piano, so be sure to wax up your handlebar moustache before playing this one. Naturally, Synthogy Upright Pianos comes with the award-winning Ivory sound engine, plus a few new additions like the custom upright soundboard DSP, and a separate control for adding in the appropriate “thunks and creaks” you’d expect from an older upright. For pricing and availability, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer.

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