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Synth Expansion Boards and MIDI Sequencers

Q: “I just added an expansion board to my Kurzweil (Yamaha, Roland, Korg, etc.) synthesizer. How do I get Digital Performer 4 to recognize the patches in the expansion boards for my synth/module?”

For OS X, MOTU’s DP4, Emagic Logic and most current versions of DAW software use the CoreMIDI system that Apple has built into its operating system. CoreMIDI publishes patch lists using the “XML” format.

In your /Library/Audio/MIDI Devices/MOTU folder, you will see a series of files with the extensions .middev and .midnam. These files store the patch names for the devices that are supported in DP4.

Included in DP4, in the MOTU DP4 Folder > Extras folder, you will see an application called “Expansion Board Setup.” This application will allow you to assign supported expansion boards to devices you have already added in the Apple Core Application, Audio MIDI Setup. These patches will then be published into DP4.

For deeper MIDI editing and creating custom patch lists, check out Unisyn, MOTU’s MIDI Editor/Librarian.

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