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Synchronizing audio with 24P video in Final Cut Pro.

Q: “I’m editing a high-definition 24P video clip in Final Cut Pro 4 but my audio doesn’t synchronize with the video. How do I fix this?”

A: It’s possible the video you received was originally recorded on a Panasonic DVX-100 system, which handles audio/video sync differently from Sony and other models. To compensate for this, a special plug-in, the “DVX-100 Audio Sync Tool,” is available in the DV Camera Tuner Scripts folder on the Final Cut Pro 4 installation DVD. If you’re working with clips captured from the Panasonic DVX-100, you should move this plug-in to the following location:

Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Plug-ins

When the DVX-100 Audio Sync Tool plug-in is installed, a new menu item appears in the Tools menu, “Offset Audio Sync.”

To use the Offset Audio Sync tool:

  1. In the Browser, select any clips you captured that were recorded with the DVX-100.
  2. Choose Tools>Offset Audio Sync. The audio of all selected clips will be offset 2 frames later than the video to adjust their sync.

Note: Adjustments made to clips using the Offset Audio Sync command are only saved in the Final Cut Pro project file where the adjustment was made. The corresponding source media on disk is unaffected.

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