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Switching a Mackie Control between HUI Emulation and Mackie Control Mode

“How do I switch between “HUI” and “Mackie Control” operating modes on my Mackie Control?”

First of all, your Mackie Control needs to have Version 2 firmware or higher (FYI – when you first power on the Mackie Control, it will display the current firmware version).

1. Turn off the Mackie Control.
2. Press and hold the Select buttons on channels 1 and 2, then turn on the Mackie Control (keep holding the 2 buttons).
3. The faders will dance, then the “Select Operating Mode” will appear on the display.
4. Press the V-Pot on Channel 1 to enter Mackie Control Mode, or on Channel 4 to enter HUI Mode.

The Mackie Control will “remember” which mode you were last using, so you only need to perform this procedure when you’re changing from one operating mode to the other.

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