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Switching the 2408mkIII I/O to +4 or -10 dB.

“The 2408mkII analog inputs can operate at +4db or -10db. How do I set this?”

The analog inputs on the 2408mkII ship set to +4 dBu reference. You can easily switch the inputs on the 2408mkII to -10 dBV, if desired. Disconnect the power cable from the 2408 mkII and remove its cover. Be sure to get all of the screws; there are three on the front, two in the back, and two on either side. When you remove the cover you will see 8 small plastic jumpers that are in line with the 1/4 inch connectors. When one pin is covered with the jumper, the inputs are operating at +4 dBu. When both pins are covered, the inputs are operating at -10 dBV. If you would like to set any of your analog inputs to -10 dBV, simply cover both pins with the plastic jumper.

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