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Sweetwater Unveils Vocal Range-Enhancement Solution!

The Octaviser

If your band anguishes over being unable to perform the songs of Journey, Iron Maiden, Rush, Mariah Carey and other high-range singing legends, Sweetwater is proud to introduce the Octaviser, a shocking new hardware solution that takes upper register falsetto, singing and screaming to a whole new level!

How did Sweetwater come up with it?

DAW users have had access to several very powerful vocal-tuning plug-ins for a number of years – there are even stand-alone boxes that can allow almost anyone to sing in tune. While those tools work great if the singer is reasonably close to the desired pitch, they simply don’t do the job if the singer doesn’t have enough range to hit the high notes.

Then, like a bolt of lightening, inspiration struck the Sweetwater Research and Development Department. “It hit me like a flash," says Dan Hoeye, Deputy Director of Cubicle Alignment. "I was following the directions of one of our company signs, ‘Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work.’ Unfortunately, I neglected to DRY my hands, and when I reached over to turn off the light switch, I was met with a substantial electrical shock. In addition to my hair standing on end (and a slight smell of burnt toast), I emitted a sustained vocal sound that was several octaves over my normal range.”

When Hoeye recounted his experience to Sweetwater’s R&D staff, a new product idea was born: The Octaviser!

How does it work?

This stand-alone, single-rackspace unit is designed for fast and simple hook-up: A single AC power cable connects the box to any nearby 120-volt outlet. A connector on the back panel accepts a 10-gauge cable terminated with a locking Hand Cuff bracelet, which snaps around the wrist of the range-inhibited vocalist.

There are two simple controls, a 32-position stepped Range switch, and a momentary Inspiration button. As the singer begins having difficulty hitting high notes, the band’s soundman, engineer, or producer simply pushes the Inspiration button, which delivers a high-voltage jolt of electrical motivation to the singer. In many cases, bands have reported range increases of as much as four octaves. Basses can sing high tenor-range songs, while still retaining their low range and, with the correct settings, anyone can be a soprano!

Sweetwater President Chuck Surack was quoted as saying, "Dan isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he was really lit up by this idea." Jeff Radke, Vice President of Sales commented, "Eventually, we’ll add such accessories as a MIDI control device for pitch bends, and USB I/O for direct computer connectivity for even more control."

Value-added package!

The Octaviser can be purchased alone, or bundled with a dry-foam fire extinguisher. Optional marshmallows are available in mini-colored or large white formats.

Note: Happy April Fools from your inSync staff at Sweetwater. April Fools teasers have been part of the inSync legacy for years now, and we hope you enjoy this year’s addition.

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