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Swamp Ash

Also known as black ash, basket ash, hoop ash, and water ash, swamp ash (Fraxinus Nigra) is a species of Fraxinus or ash that is found in Canada and the United States. Swamp ash is (as you probably guessed) commonly found growing in swamps and wetlands; it is a deciduous (meaning it loses its leaves annually) tree that reaches 60 or more feet tall, and may be over two feet in diameter. It is very popular for basket making due to a unique feature: there are no connecting fibers between the growth rings, which allows wood strips to be easily separated. It is also popular for electric guitar and bass body construction, as it is a highly resonant wood. Swamp ash was used in Fender guitars in the early ’50s; it tends to be light weight and porous, which provides a “scooped” midrange, full lows, and warm, bright highs.

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