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Acoustic Summit
In this Summit we delved into the world of acoustics and sound treatment. We asked people to respond with tricks and methods for the acoustic treatment of their studios. We were looking both for solutions in effective soundproofing as well as solutions for creating a good acoustic space.

Drum Recording Summit
Most recording engineers have a long-standing love hate relationship with drums and drummers. On the one hand a great drummer with a great drum sound can really take a record and band from good to great, but on the other hand the drum set sure can be a nightmare to record.

Acoustic Guitar Miking Summit
Whether you’re immortalizing an out-of-tune dexterity-challenged open chord strummer, the hyper-produced arpeggio picking of a hair band power ballad, the elixir-like musical panacea of the next Segovia, or even if you find your mics sitting in front a heavy-wood two-hand tapping prestidigital six string acrobat, you’ll discover firmly ensconced herein a plethora of appropriately useful acoustic guitar recording techniques.

One-Piece Summit
Finally, at last, the One Piece of Gear Summit is here. We apologize for the delay. I could offer a list of reasons why it has taken this long to get this posted, but no excuse is good enough. We thank you for your patience. In fact, I have to say I am surprised that we didn’t hear more complaining about the delay than we did. Maybe you just don’t care. Well, either way, here it is.

Piano Miking Summit
“…(what is) the best way to mike a grand piano (remember the big heavy things with all the strings in them?)… it might be of interest to others (and certainly to me) how to get the best sound out of such an instrument, including just enough overtones to capture the inimitable sound of a real piano without getting lost in the host of tones and reverberations which emanate from it.”

Vocal Recording Summit
For our fourth TTOTD summit we polled our readers for information on how they record what is arguably the most elusive instrument of all — the human voice. The question was actually sparked by repeated inquiries from our valued inSync readership (we are listening guys).

Special +4/-10 dB Edition

Over the past few years we’ve brought you the news and answered hundreds of technical questions about everything from burning CD’s to synchronizing MIDI to film, to tracking down ground loop hums, to buying gear on the Internet. During that time we’ve received hundreds of other questions that we answered privately via e-mail. But there’s been one burning question through all of this that we’ve never really been able to get to… until now.

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