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Studio One from PreSonus

For churches running MultiTracks, we encourage you to consider PreSonus’ Producer version of Studio One. It’s a powerful and effective DAW and we think it’s a lot of value for a little price. When you buy another product from Presonus like the 44VSL interface, you can get the Producer version for half the price only $99!

Here’s a few of the key features for churches that are running MultiTracks:

  • Unlimited track count is a key feature. At MultiTracks.com, some of our songs have more than 20 MultiTracks and if you want to have all of them available to you at one time, you need a DAW with that kind of access.
  • Our MultiTrack files are high-quality Mp3 files which sound great and you can put lots of songs in a session and it won’t overload your computer. Studio One’sProducer version features Mp3 playback which will work on all the songs in our catalog.
    Preparing a session for a service can be done quickly and efficiently. The amount of time spent in preparing a session matters. Once you learn the interface workflow in Studio One is fast and intuitive.
  • Studio One’s browser offers quick access to instruments, effects, sounds, files, and more. You can search within any location in the browser window, making it even faster and easier to find the resources you want.
  • Edit multiple instrument tracks simultaneously. You can view and edit more than one instrument track at a time in their Music Editor, select multiple parts on different color-coded tracks in the arrangement window and edit them together.
  • Mixing your stems can be done from the arrangement window. As the arrangement is being played, at a click of a button all the individual faders appear below allowing for fast mix adjustments.
  • The new folder tracks and track list is a convenient feature. Collapse all of your guitar tracks to a single guitar-track folder, and then expand it when you need to see the individual guitar tracks. Group and bus your folder tracks with the click of a button—an exclusive Studio One feature. This can save a lot of time when working with large track counts, and it helps keep your work environment nice and clean, supporting a quick workflow.

With the purchase of any PreSonus audio interface you can buy Studio One Producer for $99

The right DAW is an important choice and we believe Studio One Producer is a great choice for a MultiTrack player. Check it out today!

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