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June 2017 Giveaway

Steinberg VGuitar Plug-in

Vguitar – It’s a VST rhythm guitarist! This incredible software tool features 2 different VST instruments (acoustic and electric), 27 different players, and a huge range of performance variations. The variety and quality are amazing. It’s like always having the perfect guitar accompaniment on call.

Many of you may be aware that Digidesign has a very compelling hardware exchange program in effect for users who want to upgrade existing Pro Tools systems to the new Pro Tools HD platform. Well, Digi has just upped the ante on this. The normal program pertinent to your system still exists and runs through June 30th. Now there’s a new program that runs in concert with this, but expires two week earlier, on June 15th. From now until it expires at the end of next week, in addition to any free plug-ins already offered, you can choose any two from the following list of plug-ins for free: Bruno/Reso, D-Fi, D-fx, DINR, DPP-1, Maxim, Reverb One, Soft SampleCell, SoundReplacer, SurroundScope. If you haven’t looked in to upgrading your Pro Tools system yet, you really should call and talk to your Sweetwater Sales Engineer about it. The upgrade prices are really great, and any existing (registered) system is eligible, including old Project, Session 8, and AudioMedia systems. Every person we’ve talked to who has listened to HD in a good environment agrees that it sounds noticeably better than the Pro Tools Mix hardware, even at lower sample rates.

Korg is giving away a PXR4 digital 4-track recorder. To register you need to go to their website and watch a cool video demo about their Electribe series synth modules.

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