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Special New In Stock Edition

Special New In Stock Edition

We get so much great new equipment in all the time that periodically our New in Stock reports start to lag too far behind. What’s the point of rushing the new stuff in here if we don’t tell you we have it? So today will be one of those inSync’s devoted completely to new items in stock. There are some big product announcements on this list so pay attention, and enjoy.

One of the most highly anticipated products from Yamaha in the last few years is the new AW4416 workstation. It’s a real workhorse, and a true workstation you can use to go from nothing to a finished CD of very high quality, though they are available with and without the built in CD burner. We’ve now received a couple of good-sized shipments of these, but they are still hard to get. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer now and you may be able to sneak one out of here before everyone figures out we have them.

For the groovy DJ’s among you there will be excitement about the new Yamaha DJX2 keyboard. This thing is a serious groove machine, and is designed to make it extremely easy for anyone to put together all types of dance music.

The recent proliferation of modeling based guitar processors has changed many guitarists’ perception of what’s required to get a good sound. But there are still many who prefer the old ways of doing things and say the modeling products are not all the way there. Enter the Yamaha DG Stomp. Yes, it’s modeling. Yes it looks like a stomp box. No, it doesn’t sound like all the other ones. We had a chance to hear the DG Stomp in a direct comparison with other similar products and, well… let’s just say it more than held its own. It was particularly strong at capturing the nuances of an amp going from mostly clean to mostly distorted based on how hard one is playing the guitar. It’s worth a serious look if you play dynamically like this.

Manley’s Electro Optical limiter is new in stock. The Electro Optical uses (you guessed it) optical drivers for its compression, which produces a very specific type of softness in the sounds many engineers swear by. Of course, this is Manley so there is a bunch of other really cool stuff going on inside that makes this a very distinctive and awesome sounding limiter.

TASCAM has delivered the first batch of two major new products for them. The DA-98HR is the new 24-bit version of their workhorse DA-98 DTRS machine. But the HR version adds much more than just 24-bit capability. It has a 96k and a 192k recording mode (in addition to 48k & 44.1) and comes with TDIF as well as AES/EBU digital I/O. All synchronization functions are built-in.

TASCAM has also released the 788; their new 8-track disk-based personal recording studio. It records 8 tracks of uncompressed 24-bit audio and two internal effects processors. It also has built-in SCSI, waveform editing and many other pertinent features, all for a very affordable price.

There are some great modeling guitar amps on the market, but Roland’s new in stock VGA7 is the first to offer a full range playback system. Their philosophy is that if you do the modeling properly you don’t want to color the sound by sending it through guitar speakers (that’s what the modeling is for) so they provide a very clean, full range, PA like speaker and amplification system. Plus their modeling algorithms are very well tuned at this point – they’ve been doing this a while in other products. This is a very impressive sounding amp, especially when used with their GK2 pickup.

In other Roland news, they have delivered their first four libraries of sounds for the VP9000. The VPZ series sounds come on a zip disc and all have solo vocal performances for your Vari-Phrasing pleasure. The discs include Gospel (VPZ01), World (VPZ02), Pop/Rock (VPZ03), and Jazz/R&B (VPZ04).

TC Electronic has delivered the first batch of their new Triple C, a multi-band compressor/limiter. The 24-bit digital unit (with digital I/O) is the first to employ their Envelope Compression mode, which allows you to alter the dynamic envelope of the incoming source by changing Attack and Release gain. Applied to percussive material you will be able to design your own unique sound or create funky break-beats.

We’ve also received a whole slew of the new Parker P38 guitars (sunburst, blue, red, and black). The P38 brings Parker excellence down to a price just about every musician can afford, and it still includes the excellent Fishman designed magnetic/piezo pickup system with an active preamp and mixer that has helped make Parker the pro’s guitar of choice.

And last for today, but certainly not least, we have received a batch of the new Korg Triton Rack modules everyone’s been waiting for. Of course all of the ones we received were already spoken for, but this means they are really shipping now so if you are one of the many who have been waiting to get your hands on this excellent synth get your orders in now. We’ll have one for you very, very soon.

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