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SONAR X3 — Unlimited Everything!

Cakewalk has announced SONAR X3, the latest version of the powerful Windows DAW — in fact, Cakewalk says that this is the biggest update to SONAR yet! Among the many enhancements — and perhaps the most interesting is that SONAR X3 is said to have “unlimited everything.” This means as many audio tracks as you want, as many MIDI tracks as you want, as many effects sends as you want, using SONAR’s 64-bit mix engine. The new “speed comping” is a greatly enhanced approach to comping multiple tracks that will greatly speed your workflow. VST3 is now fully supported for superior plug-in management, low CPU loads, and improved visual workspace.

Melodyne Essential is now fully integrated into SONAR X3 using ARA technology for pitch correction, time stretching and audio-to-MIDI conversion. With ARA integration, there’s no waiting for data to transfer and Melodyne is seamlessly integrated into SONAR’s Skylight interface. Other features? Publish your work directly to YouTube, use Gobbler to save and share your files to the cloud, organize and colorize everything within your sessions, and more.

Then there are the new processors: QuadCurve EQ, , and Tape Emulator. Want more? There have been hundreds of enhancements and improvements in SONAR X3.

There are three members in the SONAR X3 family: SONAR X3, SONAR X3 Studio (adds 19 Nomad Factory plug-ins and more), and SONAR X3 Producer (adds Tone2 BiFilter2, 19 Nomad Factory plug-ins, the full version of Addictive drums, and AAS Lounge Lizard Session and Strum Acoustic Session, and more).

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