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Smoothing Out Harsh High Frequencies in Absynth

Absynth is Native Instruments semi-modular synthesizer design. Its toneshaping capabilities are nearly limitless thanks to the way this virtual instrument combines oscillators, modulation sources, and filters in any way you want. When programming sounds with lots of high-frequency content (which in the digital world can be somewhat harsh), the NI product designers included a special Anti-Alias Switch, which enables you to smooth out the harshness and deliver a high-end that sounds more analog than digital. To turn on the Anti-Aliasing function, click on the Anti-Aliasing switch, which is a small button in the upper left-hand corner of every oscillator that looks like stair steps. Once you click on it, the steps become a smooth line (or “ramp”). This way you’ll always know if the Anti-Aliasing feature is on or off.

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