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Microphone Month 4

Shortcut for Assigning Inputs to Tracks on the VS-2400CD and VS-2480CD

You want to record a microphone connected to Input 5 on Track 3. Or the guitar plugged into Input 8 needs to be recorded on Track 10. Here’s a quick way to assign Inputs to Tracks that doesn’t involve the EZ Routing screen.

1. Press TR 1-16 (or 17-24).

2. Press and hold the Track Status button of the track you want to record on. The QUICK ROUTING screen will appear. Both the Track Status and Channel Edit buttons will be flashing green.

3. To route an input to that track, press IN 1-16. The Channel Edit buttons will begin flashing orange. Remember: Orange=Input, Green=Track.

4. Press the Channel Edit button for the input you want to record. You’ll see a virtual patch cord connect the input to the designated track. Notice the CHANNEL EDIT buttons for the Input, (orange), and the Track it is routed to (Green) are now solid.

5. Press HOME, and then press TR 1-16 (or 17-24), and arm the track you want to record to by pressing its Status button so it flashes Red.

6. Press RECORD and PLAY to begin recording. That’s it!

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