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Sending audio from Pro Tools to other applications such as Reaktor.

Q: “I have some audio tracks in a Pro Tools session and I would like to process them with some FX ensembles in Reaktor. How can I route the audio from the audio track to Reaktor for processing?”

A: This is a great question, and one we get often with Reaktor and other similar products. Currently, you cannot use Reaktor to process audio in real time with Pro Tools. This is not due to any problem with Reaktor, rather it is because Reaktor can only communicate to Pro Tools using Direct Connect. Direct Connect was designed by Digidesign for Pro Tools to receive audio from another application, but does not allow for Pro Tools to SEND audio to another application. In order to use Reaktor to process audio from your Pro Tools session, you will need to find the audio files for that audio track, and load then into Reaktor directly, process them, and then bounce that audio out. You can then load that processed audio track back into your Pro Tools session.

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