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Send in the Clones

Q: I have heard there is now a way that I can recreate the overall sound of a favorite recording by sampling the harmonic structure and then applying it to my music. Is this true? And if so, what’s it called?

A: Besides sampling, modeling, and various new forms of synthesis, digital technology has opened up an amazing new world of sonic possibilities with processes like the one you are asking about. An example of what you are referring to is a plug-in called Repli-Q from BIAS, the people who gave us Peak and SoundSoap. Repli-Q is a powerful spectral-matching/balancing plug-in designed to analyze, edit, and compare the spectral content of audio recordings. Repli-Q (which is part of the BIAS Master Perfection Suite for the Mac running OS X) can indeed (among other things) “clone” a favorite artist’s overall audio spectral signature and apply it to your own recordings. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but your Sweetwater Sales Engineer can explain it in much greater detail.

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