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Searching for objects on Your K2600/2661?

When you load multiple banks of programs or a ton of samples on your Kurzweil, you might have trouble finding the one program or sample set or effect you’re looking for. Kurzweil has made it easy to search for any object (Program, Sample, Effect, Keymap, control source, etc.) using any of 10 selectable search strings. To select a search string:

  • Press and hold ENTER and strike one of the numeric keypad buttons
  • Type in the string of characters you want to find. For example, if you’re looking at the program list and you want to find all programs containing the word “Horn,” you would type h-o-r-n. This function is not case-sensitive; it will find upper and lower case characters regardless of what you type.
  • When you’ve typed the string of characters you want to find, press Enter.
  • The K2661 searches through the current list of objects or values, finds all items that match the string of characters you typed, and displays the first one it finds.
  • Hold Enter and press one of the Plus/Minus buttons to search for the next higher- or lower-numbered object that contains the string of characters.

The string you select remains in memory. You can store and select a string of characters with each of the numeric buttons. Hold Enter and press one of the numeric buttons at any time to select that string for a search. When the string appears, you can change it, or just press Enter to find that string.

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