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Scalable Bass Rigs

Q: I’m getting older, and I am tired of hauling heavy bass amps around. I love the way the big stuff sounds, but my back isn’t what it used to be! Any suggestions?

A: Our advice is to consider building a “scalable” rig. By this we mean a combinaton of several smaller lightweight components; for smaller gigs and rehearsals, you can take just a few pieces. For larger gigs, take more components.

For example, you might match a lightweight bass head with two lightweight 2×10 cabinets. For small gigs, take the head and one cab. For larger gigs, take two cabs. Maybe you need a head and two 4×10 cabs or one 4×10 and one 1×15 cab. For a small gig, use the head and one cab. For a bigger gig, stack two cabs with the head. Or, you might get two lightweight combo amps. Take one to rehearsal or small gigs, run the second in parallel for larger gigs where you need more coverage.

There are many options these days for a lighter weight, more compact bass rig that can still crank out high volume and punchy, full tone. We suggest contacting your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to explore the possibilities!

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