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Running wires through sound proof walls

In response to our recent Tech Tip (see inSync 1/10/00) about running wires through the isolated walls of your studio inSync reader Rupert (could be Neve, could be Hine, we don’t know) offers a good suggestion for those who want to make temporary connections between rooms.

In cases where one wants the ability to make temporary connections between rooms the solution is to install some PVC pipe fittings through the wall and use what plumbers call a “Tee – Wye” fitting with a threaded “clean out” on each end. This series of fittings can be “force fitted” into the wall with foam insulation or secured with silicone. Each side would have a hand tightened plastic plug so you can see what you are doing (straight line view through the wall with the plug removed) while passing the wires through, but the wires themselves would actually be going the indirect route via the “leg” of the wye section. After the wires are in place one need only stuff some foam rubber into the open pipe ends then screw the caps back on to minimize any direct sound transfer. These two fittings need not be directly connected to each other inside the wall and can have a small gap between them to keep the sound / vibration transfer to a minimum. The whole idea is just to have a sealed but neat looking access port between the two sides.

These fittings can be readily purchased in sizes from 2 inches on up to 6 inches (or larger if necessary) and they are fairly cheap. Bigger might be better considering that one day you might want to get a bunch of cannon plugs in there for that extra snake or the rare occasion that a 220 volt line (with a big plug) might be needed for an out of town act that brought their own equipment.

Editor’s Note: We’ll ad this and the Tech Tip from 1/10/00 to our Acoustics Summit pages.

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