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Roland Octapad SPD-30 Review

Great sound quality, V-Drum trigger pad technology, and tri-layer phrase looping make this a triumphant return.

The venerable Roland Octapad has returned to market wearing a brand new suit. But it isn’t just good looks that’ll get drummers talking; it’s great sound quality, V-Drum trigger pad technology, and tri-layer phrase looping, that’ll make this a triumphant return.

As I do with most line-level gear, I checked out the new Octapad sound-set using Etymotic Er-4p ear-canal phones because they’re very accurate and isolated.

Popping through the different kits, I hear a nice array of sounds ranging from standard drum kits & world percussion to synth basses, glocks, atmospheric sounds, and various effect noises to annoy the neighbors with. About 600 great samples in all to keep you smiling.

The new pads are large and made of thick, soft rubber that has the perfect amount of bounce and keeps striking noise to a minimum. Better yet, they will not cross trigger despite having enough sensitivity to track a buzz roll.

That by itself makes this a great buy, but Roland has also added the ability to record phrase loops with up to three layers, each with a different kit. It’s stupid fun and improves your chops in the process.

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