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ReWire and MIDI in Logic Pro

A few days ago we looked at how to ReWire the audio outs from an application such as Reason, Live, or DrumCore into Logic Pro 7. Now let’s take a look at how to get MIDI information out of Logic and into your ReWired application.

1. First ReWire the audio part of your two applications together as described in the previous tip.

2. Open the Environment Window in Logic (command-8, or in the Windows menu).

3. We need to create a ReWire MIDI object. In the Environment Window’s “New” menu, select Internal > ReWire.

4. Select the ReWire object, and in its parameter display (to the left of the window) set Device to “Reason” or whatever the ReWire application you want to MIDI up might be.

5. Close the Environment Window.

6. Back in the Arrange Window, create or select a track, then click and hold on the track name and set it to MIDI Instr. > ReWire. The track parameters to the left should change to show the settings for the ReWire object we just created in step 4 above. If you’re using Reason, changing the Bus and channel settings in the parameters lets you send the track’s MIDI output to any of the devices you might have installed in your Reason rack.

7. If you want to ReWire MIDI to control more than one synth or sampler module – say bass and drums, both coming from Reason – you’ll need separate Logic internal ReWire objects for each module you want to control in the Reason rack in the Logic Environment.

if you’re going to be doing a lot of ReWire work, consider adding ReWire object(s) to the Environment in your Autoload song.

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