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This word has many uses and subtly different meanings. There are two that pertain to audio. Resolve in the musical sense refers to causing a chord or series of chords to progress from a state of relative dissonance to a state of relative consonance. In audio production resolving relates to synchronization. Even in the relatively finite domain of synchronization the word gets used in a variety of contexts. When two tape machines are in synchronization with one another they can be said to be resolved, but in general it means that a time code is matched to some reference, whether that is some other time code source or a master clock of some sort. When time code is being recorded to a machine as an exact reference to time code already existing on another machine that code is said to be resolved. If the SMPTE track on a video deck is in exact synchronization (in terms of frame rate/speed) with the black burst video sync it is said to be resolved time code.

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