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This is an acronym for Korg’s proprietary Resonant Electronic Modeling System technology. First introduced in the 1990s, the company has used this powerful modeling process in most of its best-selling effects processors, from the diminutive Pandora PX5D to the flagship Toneworks AX3000G Modeling Signal Processor. Using REMS, Korg is able to create highly accurate digital models of dozens of classic and modern guitar and bass amplifiers, a wide range of speaker cabinets and configurations (from small, single-speaker setups to full stacks loaded with four 12-inch drivers per cabinet), virtual microphones, and finally, an amazingly diverse selection of effects, from early vintage stompboxes to the latest cutting edge multieffects chains. But the REMS system also can take a humbucker-equipped guitar and turn it into a single-coil electric (and vice-versa), as well as creating surprisingly accurate acoustic guitar bodies with flat or arched tops and even synth modeling effects.

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