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Remote controlling computers.

Some of our readers have a need to manage multiple users in a studio or production environment, but from a remote location. Verbally getting users through dialog boxes and menus can be tough, unless one is extremely fluent with the software (kudos for the Sweetwater Tech Support gang who can often pull off this superhuman feat). Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see what is going on with someone’s machine? Well, you can. There are programs (PC Anywhere by Semantic and Timbuktu by Netopia to name two) that allow one machine to be accessed and controlled from another machine. When run, the controlling machine will literally open a window in which you can see the entire desktop of the machine to be controlled. When you move your mouse in the window it moves the cursor on the desktop of the other machine. You are in control. Still the person at that end can continue to move their mouse and the results will be fed back to your monitor so you can see what is happening. If you have a high bandwidth connection the results are surprisingly smooth and fluid. This is a great way to monitor production of and provide coaching to multiple remote users.

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