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Remapping the MIDI Control Numbers on the Pro-53

Today we’re still working with Native Instruments’ Pro-53, their software recreation of the world’s first polyphonic analog synthesizer. The MIDI controller numbers assigned to the Pro-53 parameters can be remapped. There’s a file called “Controlmap.txt” in the Pro-53 installation folder, and it’s loaded whenever you launch Pro-53 (either as a standalone or plug-in). There are additional controller maps located in the Pro-53 installation folder and you can load one by using the Load Controllermap command. However, you need to be aware of the fact that after a restart of Pro-53, the default map, “Controlmap.txt,” is used again unless you actually edit this file!

To make your own custom assignments, you can easily edit the “Controlmap.txt” file using almost any text editor, then save it under the same name. (Before you start, save a copy of the default program under a different name so you can return to if there are problems.) Do not change the definitions of the controllers, only modify the numbers on the right side of the equal sign. Use the additional option *64 (attached directly to a CC number) for buttons that you want to be activated on even values and deactivated on odd values (this only makes sense for buttons). If the file “Controlmap.txt” contains any entry that isn’t supported by the Pro-53, you’ll get an error message the next time you launch the program, and then the controller map is not used in this case. So be certain you know what you are changing before you actually make the change – and remember to save a copy of the default file under a new name so you have a backup!

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