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How to receive royalties for your work.

“How do I get set up to receive royalties for my songs?”

This is a subject with great depth, beyond the scope of inSync by far. The first thing you may want to do is get in touch with an attorney who has experience representing writers, artists, or performing artists. But to answer your question…Basically (and this is very basic), you’ll want to get setup to receive what are known as “performance royalties” with a performing rights organization. Performance royalties are those that you receive when a work has been performed. This covers some live performances, radio airplay, and television. These performances are monitored by performing rights societies such as ASCAP and BMI.

These performing rights societies issue licenses to anyone who uses music in their catalogues. This includes TV and radio stations, restaurants, nightclubs, and Muzak-type companies. A yearly fee is paid to the performing rights society for a blanket use of the music in its catalogue. The performing rights society then determines the amount of royalties owed to the various writers and publishers that are its members, and delivers the money in quarterly statements.

Note that you can only belong to one of these societies and your publisher must belong to the same one. Many publishers have several different companies under the same umbrella so that they can work with writers of any performing rights affiliation.

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