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RAM and your computer.

Q: “How Much RAM do I need?”

A: Both our Tech Support crew and Sales Engineers hear this question frequently from customers. It can be tough to answer, because different products will recommend different amounts. The easy answer? Err on the side of “more than enough.” Here’s what Todd from Tech Support has to say:

“If you take ProTools as an example, Digidesign states that a Digi002 with Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.3 requires “384MB minimum, 512 or higher recommended.” This DOESN’T take into account extra plug-ins or virtual instruments. Throw something like MachFive, BFD, or Ivory into the system, and you’ll want to START with 1GB of RAM as your minimum and consider having more. RAM demands always grow when software is updated, and new software is added to the system. I’d recommend having at least 1GB of RAM in even a basic DAW (Mac or PC).”

This might appear to just be an effort to sell you more stuff, but we’re actually trying to help you achieve the best performance from your system. A customer has NEVER asked us, “Was I sold too much RAM?” We have, however, been asked, “Why wasn’t I sold enough RAM?”

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