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RAID 0 or 1?

Q: I have a RAID drive that I want to use with my DAW, but don’t know whether I should use the RAID 0 or RAID 1 setting?

A: The answer depends on what you want to use the RAID for. If you’re after faster drive performance for demanding applications such as lots of simultaneous audio tracks or big video projects, then RAID 0 is the way to go. It uses multiple drives to accelerate the speed and capacity of the system. It does not, however, provide redundant backup of the data, so if any drive in the RAID crashes, all data will be lost.

If what you are after is a reliable data backup solution, then RAID 1 automatically duplicates any data on each drive contained in the RAID. That way, if one drive in the RAID crashes, the others will still contain a good copy of the data.

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