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Rack mounting non rack mountable equipment

“I have an older cassette deck that I would like to put in my studio rack – but it’s not a rack mountable deck. Beyond just putting it on a shelf, are there any other rack mounting options?”

There are probably several ways to skin this cat, but one method comes to mind that is both affordable and simple. Middle Atlantic’s (MAP) RC series and CAP series rack shelves are different than your typical rack shelf in that they allow you to rack mount just about any “black box” (that is less than 18 3/4″ in width)! Equipped with adjustable, rubber-lined bars which secure your component from the top, all RC and CAP series products are additionally outfitted with adjustable “L” brackets in back to provide an optimally secure fit. This way, your deck will sit on a shelf AND be secured from the top, back and – obviously – the bottom. You won’t have to put any Velcro on or screws into your machine, and it won’t slide around like it would on a normal shelf. These racks come in different sizes from 2U that provides 3 1/2″ in height to 8U that provides up to 14″.

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