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Quieter Budda Amp

Q: I have a Budda Superdrive 30 that I purchased from Sweetwater, and I love it! But sometimes it’s too loud. I heard that on some amps you can pull out power tubes to reduce the volume. Is this true? Will it work with my amp?

A: Congrats on your Budda — it’s a tone machine! On many amps that use four power tubes, you can pull out two of them to cut the output wattage. The trick is knowing which pair of tubes to pull. On the SD30, if you pull out the OUTSIDE pair of EL-84 power tubes, the power will drop to 18 watts — in effect, by removing two power tubes, you’ve turned your Superdrive 30 into a Superdrive 18.

NOTE: Make sure you know what you’re doing before you start pulling tubes or otherwise changing your amp from its stock state. If you have ANY doubts, consult a qualified technician. You may void your warranty, and we are not responsible for any damages caused.

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