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Using the QuickLoad Feature in NI KONTAKT

QuickLoad is a feature that was added to Kontakt in version 2. It’s a database that allows you to quickly index an instrument collection and give users one-click access to any instrument, multi, or bank. Setting up QuickLoad for daily use is easy, but requires a few steps. When you first install Kontakt, the QuickLoad database is already prebuilt, populated with the contents of the factory library. To access this feature, go to browser and click on the Database tab, then click on the Rebuild DB button, which opens up the Rebuild Quicksearch Database dialog box. You should see a list of all your available hard drives (including networked drives). At this point you tell Kontakt which drives you want to index by Shift-clicking, then selecting one, some or all of the drives for indexing. You can also choose to index instruments, multis or banks. Almost all users will want to index instruments, as this is the foundation on which Kontakt is built. Once you have selected the drives and types of files, click on Update or Rebuild. Update takes the existing QuickLoad database and adds your new files. Rebuild builds the entire database from scratch, which can take a long time. Update is the better choice for most users.

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