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How to Quantize Soundbites in Digital Performer

In earlier versions of DP you have the option to quantize the beginning of each soundbite. This function is very similar to the one found in Recycle, where a sound file can be separated into different “slices,” according to its transients. Each transient then becomes a separate soundbite that can be moved and quantized independently from the others. In DP you can easily “slice” an audio file into separate soundbites by using the Scissors tool from the Tools window

Open the Graphic editor (double-click on the audio track you want to edit from the Track List window), open the Tools window (Shift-O) and select the scissor tool.

You can either create slices using Unit mode (the slices will be inserted only according to the Unit value) or without Unit mode (you can slice your audio file freely). If you need to automatically slice the audio file at regular intervals (let’s say every 16th-note), it’s best to set “Unit” to the desired value (in this case, 16th-notes) and press the option key while clicking and dragging across the file. A new slice will be inserted every 16th-note.

Quantize the soundbites/slices you’ve just created by choosing the normal quantization function, making sure to set the “What to Quantize” parameter to “Soundbites.”

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