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Putting larger or faster ATA drives into your computer

More computer and hard drive questions.

“Your tips about computers, ATA and SCSI drives have been very helpful. I’m interested in replacing a 6 gig ATA33 drive in my blue G3 with a larger one. Apple said if I upgrade to OS9 a larger drive could be used. Maxtor said the ATA 66’s are backwardly compatible. I’m primarily interested in the larger drive. The ATA 33 speed will be okay. Also as an added thought, I’m planning to add a G4 accelerator card in about six months or so. Will this have an effect on the hard drive upgrade?”

OS9 is not normally required for larger drives in a G3 so I’m not sure what they were really trying to tell you there. Depending upon how large the drive is you may have to partition it into a couple of smaller sections, but for most users that’s not a big deal.

An ATA66 drive can be connected to a slower ATA bus. It will simply operate at the slower speed.

As for your G4 accelerator, well, there shouldn’t be a problem between it and the upgraded drive, but there can be problems using accelerators with audio or video hardware and software. Sometimes they simply aren’t compatible. Before going down this path you would be best served to contact the manufacturers of the audio equipment you use inside your computer (assuming you have any) to make sure the particular accelerator you are considering will work.

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