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Protect Yourself From Power Failure

So simple, but too often overlooked. If you’ve invested in a creative system, you owe yourself protection from a sudden power loss! We’ve heard too many horror stories of local outages/tripped breakers causing lost time and — maybe worse — lost creative work. Fortunately, these days getting that peace of mind is more affordable than you might think.

APC makes battery backup power supplies starting at just $149. These compact, affordable units are designed to give you enough time to wrap up what you just did, hit save, and safely shut down your system.

For a 3-in-one solution, Furman offers the F1000-UPS. It’s a battery backup power supply, a voltage regulator, and a power conditioner — and at $729.95, it’s a steal for the triple protection.

If you have questions about other ways to safeguard your work and your gear from other potential power problems, be sure to give your Sweetwater Sales Engineer a call.

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