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Propellerheads Release Thor for iPad

Named for the Norse god of thunder, Reason’s Thor synthesizer is a powerful sound-generating module with a flexible set of oscillators, filters, modulation and routing capable of creating a huge range of tones covering broad musical territory. Now the Propellerheads are releasing Thor as an app for the iPad!

The iPad app version of Thor boasts the same synthesis features and the same massive sound as the desktop version, but comes with a few twists to make it a truly mobile music app. The responsive interface is optimized for touch and the on-screen keyboard shares some ideas with Figure (another popular music-creation app from Propellerheads). It can be locked to key and scale, making it impossible to hit the wrong note. This feature also opens up for a fun and inspirational way to explore musical ideas.

Users of Reason can move patches between the iPad and a computer, to either use your iPad creations in your Reason productions or to move your favorite patches from your computer to the iPad.

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