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Pro Tools|HD plug-in issues.

Many Pro Tools users have been upgrading to new HD systems, and are discovering issues with plug-ins. Consequently we are beginning to see more and more questions similar to the following:

“I recently purchased the Waves TDM platinum plug-in bundle and can’t seem to get it working with my new Pro Tools HD system? What gives?”

Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Bob Mondok, responds:

Waves is one of the first 3rd party TDM plug-in manufacturers to announce HD compatibility. Previous versions of Waves plug-ins do not function under HD. To use under HD, an upgrade must be done. All Waves TDM Purchases after 1/1/02 will receive the HD upgrade for free from Waves. Just go to the Waves website and download the upgrade. All Waves TDM Purchases before 1/1/02 can upgrade via Sweetwater. Contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information on purchasing this upgrade.

After you install the upgrade, delete any previously installed Waveshells (3.2, 3.0, RTAS, etc. versions of these shells) entirely from your hard drive. These are found in the ‘Plug-ins’ folder in the DAE folder in the System folder. You may also need to increase the amount of memory allocated to ProTools. After that, you’re done! You should be in plug-in heaven with your new Waves plug-ins running on one of the most powerful recording/editing/mixing systems ever created!

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