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June 2017 Giveaway

Pro Tools Edit Pack

We’ve finally received our first Pro Tools Edit Pack controller. With this add-on to ProControl, you can put away your computer keyboard and mouse. Edit Pack will boost your productivity with its custom QWERTY keyboard, trackball, and bank of dedicated switches for instant access to Pro Tools editing functions. And for surround mixing, you get two motorized joysticks and eight 40-segment, high resolution meters for multichannel output monitoring. It also boasts a dedicated Machine Control section with eight track arming switches and complete edit mode control. These are still really hard to get at this point, but when the first one comes more can’t be too far behind so get those orders in.

It’s time for the February WSOTM (Web Site of the Month). Unless you are in a position where you deal with the public on a daily basis (as we are) it’s easy to assume that conspiracy theories and those that live in a state of paranoia about them are a rare breed. Aside from some recent rumblings surrounding our dubious electoral procedures, you just don’t hear many people talking about conspiracies anymore. Of course, if you live in Indiana (as we do) there’s always the sports one: “Small market teams never get a fair shake in the officiating.” Of course only this could explain why the dominant LA Lakers with the league’s two best players were able to beat an overachieving Pacers team in the NBA finals last year, or why the Knicks or Bulls beat them in the semis in prior years. But upon asking an incoming caller for any information at all we see that fear abounds. When we ask someone for an address you’d sometimes think we’d asked them for the combination to the lock where they have their AK-47’s and Mustard Gas stored, but that’s another story. Conspiracy theories quite often walk a fine line between being disturbing and humorous, and your inSync editor quite enjoyed recently perusing the Conspiracy Central site. There’s no specific relevance to music or music technology – it’s just funny.

If you don’t like that one we have an honorable mention this month. It’s Pro Tools running on a Palm Pilot – yeah, right!

The grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in Universal Orlando on February 27, 2001 will kick off with the world’s largest and longest drum roll. Over 2000 drummers are needed and they are accepting any and all volunteers. All you need is a drum that you can carry (folding stands are fine), any needed sticks or straps, plus a pair of black pants and shoes. It costs nothing to participate, and you will get a commemorative t-shirt. You can register on line at their website.

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