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Pro Tools 6/OS X common questions

The following are five questions that have been coming up quite a bit as more and more customers are switching (or wondering about switching) over to Pro Tools 6.0.

What version(s) of OS X are required with Pro Tools 6.0?
Pro Tools 6.0 requires OS X version 10.2.3 or higher. Users on versions 10.0 or 10.1 will need to purchase the 10.2 Upgrade (code named “Jaguar”), making sure to then update to version 10.2.3 or higher via the Apple website.

Is an iLok dongle required to run Pro Tools 6.0?
The Pro Tools 6.0 is authorized by a serial number text code and does not require an iLok. Copy protected plug-ins do require an iLok to work with Pro Tools 6.0.

Why does Pro Tools 6.0 require that Users have Administrator access?
The short answer is that Pro Tools is capable of creating and deleting huge files on a system. If a user with no Administrator privileges isn’t normally allowed to delete these files then Pro Tools shouldn’t let the user delete them either. If Pro Tools gave Administrator powers to non-administrators there would be a lot of potential problems. Historically this has always been the case with Pro Tools, whether on Mac OS 9 and previous (where there was only one user who had the equivalent of Administrator access), or on Windows NT, 2000, or XP.

Where are the Patch Name and MIDI definition files in Pro Tools 6.0?
Patch name files will be installed into /Library/Audio/MIDI Patch Names/Digidesign/
– The device definition file (populating make and model popups in AMS) resides in /Library/Audio/MIDI Devices/Digidesign
– The device definition file is called “Legacy Devices.middev” and is needed to populate AMS’ manufacturer (make) and model popup menus.

MIDI I/O not recognized by the MIDI I/O installer/OS X firmware updater on the Pro Tools 6.0 installer.
Download and install the new MIDI I/O Software installer located at:


This is a combined 2.0cs1 installer for Mac OS X and 1.5 for Mac OS 9. This installer can be used on OS 9 and OS X. When run on a particular operating system it will automatically install the corresponding system components.

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