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Pro Tools 6: Core Audio and Core MIDI

“I’m using Pro Tools version 6. Is there a big benefit to the new Core Audio and Core MIDI Drivers? Should I download the new version?”

Generally we are encouraging Pro Tools 6.0 registered users to download version 6.01 software. There are a number (more than we can list here) of improvements that you can take advantage of. The Digidesign Core Audio Drivers for Pro Tools 6.0.1 TDM and LE systems are a separate download. If you are not using any third party applications with your Digidesign hardware it is not necessary to install the Core Audio Drivers. If you do want to route audio out of your Digidesign hardware when using applications such as iTunes, or access input and output using your Digidesign hardware with Core Audio compatible applications, you will need to install Digidesign’s Core Audio drivers. This new driver for the Digidesign MIDI I/O resolves a firmware problem and also provides improved general performance. This update should be used by all Digidesign MIDI I/O owners, whether you are using OS 9 or OS X.

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