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PreSonus Central Station Review

I would encourage any project studio owner to give the Central Station a shot.

For a project studio owner like myself, it means a lot to take care of many different needs with a compact one-rackspace unit, especially when it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. These type of products are usually few and far between, and usually compromise quality in order to achieve versatility at a consumer price point. This is definitely not the case with the Central Station by PreSonus.

I first became interested in the Central Station while researching switchable monitor controllers for my collection of studio monitors that I had acquired throughout the years. Having owned PreSonus gear in the past, I was happy to find a quality product that seemed to fit all of my needs at such a low price!

After I brought the unit home and hooked it up, I was pleasantly surprised by all the other features that I found useful for my project studio. First off, I noticed the onboard talkback mic and switch that is routed through the cue points on the rear of the unit. Communication between the artist and engineer had always been an aspect that my studio lacked. This feature, and the fact that PreSonus offers an optional remote for talkback and monitoring quickly had me sold on the unit. With the variety of inputs (five stereo inputs) that the Central Station offers, I began to think differently how I had my studio routed. I then found myself working quicker and much more efficiently than I ever had before.

I would encourage any project studio owner with similar needs, to give the Central Station a shot. The time and headaches that I have saved since implementing the Central Station are a priceless commodity.

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