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Point Source Monitor

A type of studio monitor or loudspeaker system in which sound only radiates from one location. One type of point source system would be one that has only one loudspeaker. In order to produce a high fidelity “full range” signal, one that can adequately cover the human range of hearing more than one driver is generally required. These are normally positioned across the face of a loudspeaker system, which causes different parts of the frequency range to emanate from slightly different spots. An example of a point source monitor would be a coaxial design where the tweeter sits in the center of the woofer, or on top of the center of the woofer, the full range of sound all comes from one place. The advantage of a point source design can be minimal phase cancellation of common frequencies reproduced by both drivers due to an overlap of energy around the crossover point due to path length differences from the two (or more) devices to your ear.

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